Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dave Turner on his first ascent - Atlantis

I could stay here all night long telling you stories about what was this magic thing that happened to me since I decided to travel a little and enjoy life the way I should. "Let the bird fly" said my mom one day, so I decide to do it. Since I know myself as a climber, watching all those videos and reading all those mags, I was impressed about the things those guys have developed in the Valley, crazy things, like Free Soloing and linking up those faces in a day like Dean did, pushing hard aid lines on amazing times like Ammon... I have never though on meeting this guys personaly, but one day it just happened.
I remember arriving in the Valley that morning with the Yarts bus, I slept at the Merced bus station cause I arrived too late, was february 14, was a little cold still, some snow melting and I was so excited of been there for the first time, you cannot imagine... I was totally stoned when I saw the big stone, Capitan. To be continued...

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