Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dave Turner on his first ascent - Atlantis

I could stay here all night long telling you stories about what was this magic thing that happened to me since I decided to travel a little and enjoy life the way I should. "Let the bird fly" said my mom one day, so I decide to do it. Since I know myself as a climber, watching all those videos and reading all those mags, I was impressed about the things those guys have developed in the Valley, crazy things, like Free Soloing and linking up those faces in a day like Dean did, pushing hard aid lines on amazing times like Ammon... I have never though on meeting this guys personaly, but one day it just happened.
I remember arriving in the Valley that morning with the Yarts bus, I slept at the Merced bus station cause I arrived too late, was february 14, was a little cold still, some snow melting and I was so excited of been there for the first time, you cannot imagine... I was totally stoned when I saw the big stone, Capitan. To be continued...

Atlantic Ocean in a push

This is one of my favorite photos ever. Ammon McNelley on the roof pushing the A.O, with Bryan McCray. This guys kick ass. Keep sending monkeys !!!
Go there guys you see amazing photos and get lots information about the routes this guys have climbed and the great person he is.
Photo: Bryan McCray

Heading up to the Tower

Me and Dave heading up to the Tower. Check how far that rope is from the wall. The roof up there is the highlight of the route, a beautiful crack crossing the roof and taking you to the top.

The Big Stone

Fala Sério, quando cheguei no cume da via Wet Denim DayDream on Leaning Tower Foi isto o que vi, entao, mais do que justo correr pra base daquela parede e escala-la. El Cap visto do topo da Leaning Tower.

Great White Shark

Great White Shark is where the Tempest share pitches with South Seas
Photo: Ammon McNelley