Thursday, February 09, 2006

Block Party and Sea of Dreams

Zak sailing on his solo ascent on Sea of Dreams

Aaron and Amee hanging out after Dave's Block Party

Dave looking ahead on his first ascent on El Capitan, Block Party, Solo
Photos: Zak

More pictures of the Tempest

Cleaning my pitch

Rappeling back to my ledge

Almost there

I fell, check the cooperhead on my right aider, the grigri works well

Rainy day on the Big Stone

Always Hard

Working with my ajustable daisys and aiders

What's up there ???

Photos: Dave Turner

Movie from Climbs on El Cap

Hey guys, check this movie from Ricardo Lagos who soloed South Seas on El Cap very close from me, Nicola Martinez on Tempest, Dave Turner on Atlantis and Sean and Timmy O'Neill, Ammon McNelley and Cedar Wright on Space.
Hope you like it.
Go Monkeys.
Movie: Ricardo Lagos


Hauling from pitch 2

Leading pitch 3

Hold me please !!!

Taking it easy and relaxing with my bags. Studying the next one.

Cleaning Job

Haul bitch...

Putting away stuff and gettin raedy for another day.

Dirty dawg

Photos: Dave Turner